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    The Technology behind the 3P System


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  •           3P Stoppage Optimizer

    Flueben Improve productivity

             - Optimization of devices

             - Responsibility to employees

  •           3P Production Performance

    Flueben Improve productivity

             - Order handling

             - Visual Management

             - Stoppage Optimizer

             - A lot of additional functions


    NEW: Analysis and presentation with Microsoft Power BI.
    Management reporting with a finger snap.

  •           3P MES Production Planning

    Flueben Improve productivity

             - Optimization of orders

             - Optimization of capacity

             - Automation of detailed planning

             - Customized solutions

The digital Lean board - electronic performance board - production optimization - continuous improvement - more than 700 daily users

Visibility and communication are two of the most important parameters to achieve efficient production.
It may be difficult to gain visibility and effective communication in production using the traditional paper-and-pencil method in which messages and written estimates of stop times and reasons noted.

3P contains basic functionality to suit almost all types of manufacturing:

Assembly & test facilities, CNC machines, SMD lines Electronics, Food Lines, Iron & Steel Industri, Filling & Packaging plant in Food & Chemistry, Automatic processing machines in the Woodindustri, Plastic injection & molding machines.

3P supports the processes of:

  • completely manual
  • semi-automatic equipment
  • completely automatic systems.

3P supports communication with ERP systems.

The digital leanboard. With 3P Production Performance the Lean thinking is maintained, but with a digitizing of the Lean process, it runs now faster and it provides the immediate benefit of the Lean board's numbers - they are valid and current. Results can easily be shared within the organization, and they are visible to everyone. All "know" where we are, and on the basis of facts, each employee can easily contribute with suggestions for continuous improvement.

In short - it will be easier.

Performance Management is all about getting the optimum use of new production investments through visible production monitoring and management.

  • Do you know the actual efficient production time (OEE) of the machines?
  • Do you know the reason for production downtime?
  • Do you know the duration of production downtime?

You have to identify the issues that have the greatest potential for cost savings. In this context visibility is the basis for continuous improvements (KPI).

Only through objective production data, you can make the right decisions that save costs in the right places.

We offer standard software targeted for Lean and TPM methods which enable visibility in the production.

Characteristics - benefits

International surveys identify the major advantages of OEE / stoppage optimizer and MES (Manufacturing Execution System):

  • 45% average reduction in  cycle times in the manufacturing
  • 17% average reduction in work-in-process levels
  • 75% average reduction in data entry
  • 32% average decline in delivery time of the production
  • 56% average reduction in paperwork in the production area
  • 15% average reduction in defect finished products